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Make your own Strike Anywhere Matches!

Can’t find Strike Anywhere matches at the store? You are not alone! They are getting harder and harder to find in some states and in some countries. So, let’s give the middle finger of science to rules & regulations and make our own.

You will need a box of regular matches, some sand paper, water and a little bit of time.

Scrape the striking panel off into a bowl and then dip the matches into a mixture you create with water. Let them dry out for awhile and you are good to go.

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How to Make: Fireball Hands (Ultimate Hadouken)

Impress your friends, family and loved ones with this simple fire trick. Remember, safety first! Thanks to the help of Crazy Russian Hacker, we have a great tutorial for you. Grab some soapy water, some butane fuel and some effort. Once you have those, mix the soap and water and then press the butane into the water to make some crazy bubbles.

If these are scooped up and lit with a match or lighter thing will take very serious turn for awesome.

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How to make Waterproof Firesticks.

Make Self-Lighting, Waterproof-Firesticks. Next time you are in a pinch you will be prepared! Let’s make some emergency fire starters that will last you almost 5 minutes each!

You will need Strike Anywhere Matches, some Dryer Lint and some Candle Wax.

You must wrap the matches in the dryer lint and then apply a thick layer of wax around the entire stick for this to work correctly.

Now make a few and store them away for a rainy day, you never know when you might them.


2 Minute Survival Stove

The quickest and easiest way to build a simple survival stove lies in an empty can of tuna. Here is how to do it: Grab an empty tuna can or cat food can and punch about 22 holes in it around the top using a single hole puncher (yes it can take on aluminum).

After you have your can punched out, you are almost ready for action. Get yourself some methylated alcohol and pour about an ounce in. Spark it up and give the can about 1 minute to prime itself. Now take your boil pot and set it on top.

After about 4-5 minutes you will have a nice full boil and you will be ready to consume those MRE’s you stored in your bunker.

AA Battery + Gum Wrapper Lighter

Build a makeshift lighter. This sounds like a good idea, right? I managed to find tons of ways to do this. Here is my favorite.

Get a gum wrapper or the lining of a cigarette pack and cut a small sliver off the end, roughly about a quarter of an inch in width.
Now grab that sliver and fold it over itself once. Get some scissors and at a 45 degree angle cut out a triangle leaving a little bit of space at the end
to keep the pieces connected.

Alright, you’ve got your wrapper, now you need a battery. AA is best but a tripple A, C or even D will work as well.

Touch the negative end of the battery to the one end of the wrapper and get that center piece under some kindling. When you are positioned,
touch and hold the other (more…)

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